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Wholesale of Commodity


JCS INVK Pte. Ltd., incorporated in 2019, specialises in trading a variety of commodities across energy and agricultural products. Over the past years, JCS INVK has established strong relationships with numerous business partners. Through its innovative and sustainable business practices, JCS INVK has successfully capitalised on emerging opportunities, translating them into lucrative revenue streams leveraging its global strategic management approach and extensive operational expertise to enhance business efficiency and drive growth.

Our expertise encompasses crude oil, LNG, and refined oil products, ensuring energy needs are met with efficiency and reliability. In addition to our robust energy portfolio, we also trade agricultural products including sugar, soybeans, frozen chicken feet etc. catering to both industrial and consumer markets.

Our integrated physical trading and logistics operation delivers outstanding service and performance across the product spectrum. We utilise our market knowledge, logistics, and infrastructure to connect producers, processors, and end-users of physical commodities.

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